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Truro Cathedral

Architecturally the most iconic building in Cornwall, Truro Cathedral was built between 1880-1910 and has undergone significant restoration work in the last few years.

TEE Ltd has been carrying out electrical maintenance work at the Cathedral over the past year, having previously worked on other properties owned by the Diocese of Truro for many years.

Suzanne Kerr, of Truro Cathedral and The Diocese of Truro said: “It is such an old and challenging building to work in and with regulations constantly changing its nice to know we can rely on TEE who are very responsive to our immediate needs to carry out work to keep the building up to standard.”

Within the Cathedral, TEE’s work includes fixing some of the high level lighting, right at top of it’s incredible ceiling columns. Suzanne explains how they access it: “TEE’s electrical engineer, Steve, knows his way round the building well. The only way to get up to that height is through tiny spiral staircases on each side, that are literally wide enough for just one man – it’s like walking up a corkscrew! It’s a good job he’s not claustrophobic nor afraid of heights!”

“TEE have shown us that they are reliable and it’s testament indeed that we trust them with our heritage.”